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Which Kind of Automatic Titrator is Best for You?

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Titration is a chemical analysis technique used in many different industries, from dairy farms to metal plating shops and more. Manual titrations are simple, but they are time-consuming and not always accurate or consistent. Automatic titration methods can ease these pains by providing consistent results in an easier and more efficient way.

There are many different automatic titrator options. Which one is the best fit for you?

1. Hanna Mini Titrators

hi84502_detailIf you want to upgrade from manual titration to improve your accuracy and consistency, a mini titrator is just what you need. The minis are perfect for those who are looking for something fast, accurate, and simple. There’s no guesswork with the mini titrators, because everything for your specific testing is included.

Minis give you fast and focused measurements

Mini titrators are perfect for simple and reliable testing of wine, water, dairy, and fruit juice. Each one is dedicated to a single use and designed to provide fast, accurate measurements with minimal setup.

A dedicated device means simplicity – every mini titrator comes preprogrammed with methods, and also include premixed reagents and an electrode specific to your testing need. These autotitrators also feature intuitive navigation screens which show you accurate measurements with just a few easy steps.

Get accurate and repeatable results every time

Mini titrators provide accurate measurements with the piston-driven dosing system, which provides precisely controlled reagent dispensing. Based on the electrode’s response during the titration, the volume of titrant that is dosed is automatically adjusted to allow for faster, more precise titrations. Each mini uses an official method to automatically perform titrations to either a fixed endpoint (based on the official methods) or to an equivalence endpoint.

Mini titrators provide organisation and traceability

Upgrade from handwritten data notes with the logging capabilities of a mini titrator. They can log the data of up to 400 different samples which can then be transferred to a USB drive or computer. These titrators can also track good laboratory practices (GLP), such as recent calibrations and buffers used. These features give you confidence in every measurement.

2. The Hanna HI901C Advanced Automatic Titrator

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 4.33.50 PMThis advanced autotitrator is perfect for someone who needs accurate results in a high throughput environment. This reliable and easy-to-use device excels when dedicated to a single use. (It does, however, provide the flexibility of doing much more.)

Compared to mini titrators, the HI901C Autotitrator features greater precision as well as the ability to perform titrations for a variety of methods or samples. When used as a dedicated workstation, automatic titration results are available at the push of a button.

More versatile than mini titrators, but just as easy

Unlike the mini titrators, the HI901C is capable of performing acid, base, redox, and selective ion titrations all in one device. To accommodate your sample variety, this model can store up to 100 customizable methods of analysisWhen dedicated to a single use, hardware needs to be changed less often and maintenance is simplified.

Improved precision with advanced dosing algorithms

Being accurate while performing manual titrations can be difficult; the precise dosing pump in the HI901C makes it easy. It’s capable of dosing extremely small volumes of reagent to achieve a very narrow endpoint. With its unmatched 40,000 step piston driven pump, there’s no other autotitrator like it.

This device also features a more advanced dosing algorithm than the mini titrators; the dosing algorithm allows for more timely and accurate titration results. It provides larger doses at the beginning of a titration and smaller, more precise doses near the endpoint. The algorithm can also be customised to suit your specific titration needs!

3. The Hanna HI902C High Performance Automatic Titrator

HI902Our high performance autotitrator has the same features as the advanced version, plus more. The HI902C also boasts precision reagent dosing, linked analysis methods, multiple equivalence point testing, and automation.

Complex samples are now easier

If you perform complex testing on a high volume of samples, the HI902C is the perfect fit. Unlike our other titrators, it provides an automation option. With accurate results and the ability to perform more complex titrations, it affords a high-throughput testing solution for demanding environments, like chemical manufacturing.

Do more with automation

The HI902C allows for automation to accommodate a busy schedule. Let the titrator do the work for you with a connected autosampler that allows for consecutive testing of up to 18 samples. Automation frees up your time to do what’s most important, like analyzing your data!

System expansions

Who doesn’t love options? The HI902C autotitrator has the option for expansion to help you achieve greater productivity. It can be enhanced at any time with extra burettes, stirrers, and input boards to fit your growing needs.

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