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Monitoring Water Quality – COD & BOD

Part 2. COD and BOD Properties of water bodies vary based on natural factors such as landscape position and slope, watershed size, geology, and soil...

Measuring Dissolved Oxygen in Nanobubbles

Microbubble or nanobubble technology has attracted attention of scientists in recent years.  It is an important technology in the agriculture, hydroponic, and aquaculture industries. Some...

Aquascaping: The Art and Science of Aquariums

Creating realistic nature aquariums is known as aquascaping. Not only does aquascaping utilise nature and art, but biology and water chemistry as well.

Using the Backpack Lab™ Water Quality Test Kit in Education

pH, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, phosphate, acidity, alkalinity, carbon dioxide, hardness, and nitrate are important for monitoring water quality. The Water Quality Backpack Lab contained all of the tests kits and instrumentation required to test ten of the most important water quality parameters.