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Quality Control of Malic Acid in the Winery

The process of fermentation was a mystery for the bulk of recorded human history. Microscopy and modern-day research have given us a solid understanding...

Measuring Dissolved Oxygen in Nanobubbles

Microbubble or nanobubble technology has attracted attention of scientists in recent years.  It is an important technology in the agriculture, hydroponic, and aquaculture industries. Some...

pH & TA in Sour Beers

Add just the right amount of pucker to your sour beers, get your pH and TA right!

Measuring Chlorine & Turbidity in Reticulation Systems or for Mains Breaks

Twenty years ago in July-September 1998, Sydney experienced a Water Quality Crisis involving the suspected contamination by the pathogens, cryptosporidium and giardia in the...

Phosphorus in Saltwater Reef Aquariums

Phosphorus is an essential element for all life forms. While phosphorus is vital for growth in plants and animals, it can be problematic for aquaria...

Aquascaping: The Art and Science of Aquariums

Creating realistic nature aquariums is known as aquascaping. Not only does aquascaping utilise nature and art, but biology and water chemistry as well.

The Significance of Pool and Spa Water Testing

In swimming pool treatment, disinfection or sanitising is essential to rid the pool of bacteria and control nuisance organisms like algae which may occur...

Using the Backpack Lab™ Water Quality Test Kit in Education

pH, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, phosphate, acidity, alkalinity, carbon dioxide, hardness, and nitrate are important for monitoring water quality. The Water Quality Backpack Lab contained all of the tests kits and instrumentation required to test ten of the most important water quality parameters.

Using the Hanna Backpack Lab Soil Quality Educational Test Kit in Teaching Environmental Science

The importance of soil in our ecosystem The word Soil has many definitions. By traditional definition, soil is the natural growing medium for the growth...

How to Test Electrical Conductivity (EC) in Soil: The Complete Guide

Plants need plenty of sun, air, water, and nutrients to grow. But how can you make sure your plants have enough nutrients? Measuring different...