Measuring pH of Construction Site Stormwater

Stormwater is a term for the runoff water resulting from a precipitation event such as rainfall in urban areas. Urban areas tend to have large amounts of impervious surfaces, resulting in large volumes of runoff. As stormwater flows over these impervious surfaces, chemicals, pollutants, debris, and sediment are gathered. This pollutant and nutrient-rich stormwater ultimately…

Acid Content of Metal Pickling Baths

Metal pickling is a treatment performed to remove rust, scale, and other contaminants from the surface of a metal. Strong acids make up the pickling bath. Hydrochloric or sulfuric acid are the most common pickling acids, although others may be used. In all types of pickling baths, the acid content is a critical parameter to ensure the quality of the pickle. Excess acid may lead to damage to the base metal while too little acid results in slow pickling.