Food Quality pH Meters

Hanna Instruments is pleased to announce a new line of Application Specific Design portable pH meters for the food industry.  This family of Foodcare meters includes a general-purpose model (HI98161) and versions specific for milk (HI98162), meat (HI98163), yoghurt (HI98164), and cheese (HI98165) products.  Due to the challenges faced when measuring difficult samples, specifically food products, each meter is supplied with a unique pH/temperature probe that has been modified to deliver high performance and reliability.

HI98164The pH of a food can influence taste and texture and can also indicate the potential for spoilage. Industries are often required to measure pH and document the readings for record keeping. The Professional Series of Foodcare pH meters allow for the log-on-demand of measurements that can then be transferred to a Windows compatible computer with the supplied USB cable and software.  The Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) data including calibration date, time, offset, slope, and buffers used is also transferred with logged readings for increased traceability.  The GLP data can be reviewed at any time with a push of a button to confirm acceptable pH electrode performance.

With Hanna’s Cal-Check feature, the calibration of the Professional Foodcare pH meters has never been easier or more dependable. During the calibration process, the user is alerted if the electrode needs to be cleaned, buffers are contaminated, and after calibration, the overall condition of the pH electrode is displayed as a percentage.  The overall condition is based on the offset and slope characteristic of the pH electrode.

CaseFrom refrigerated products, high solid content slurries, and solids to semi-solids, food products can challenge a standard pH electrode.  Each Foodcare pH electrode supplied with the application specific meters have unique features including the body material used, the shape of the sensing tip, the type of glass used, and most importantly the reference junction. Many of our Foodcare pH electrodes have a unique open junction design that resists clogging which is one of the main sources of drifting and erratic readings.

Between having the right pH electrode and an error-free calibration process, the rugged, waterproof Professional Series of Foodcare pH meters from Hanna will ensure that the readings are correct so the user can focus on making a great food product. All meters are supplied with an application specific pH/temperature probe, calibration buffer, cleaning solution, USB cable and software packaged in a rugged carrying case that is thermoformed to hold everything in place.

5 models available:

Download the Brochure:


Tired of wires? Switch to a wireless pH probe for food analysis!

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