Hanna launches revolutionary edge

Hanna Instruments is proud  to announce the release of edge™, a full featured laboratory meter with revolutionary design features not usually associated with instrumentation.

edge™ measures pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen:  it is incredibly thin and lightweight, measuring only half an inch thick and weighing just 250g; blending elements of portable meters and bench top meters into a single, seamless design.  This versatility allows customers to use edge™ as a bench top meter, a portable meter, or even attached to a wall to free-up valuable bench space in a laboratory.

In addition to its thin, lightweight design, edge™ features a large 5.5” LCD with a wide viewing angle, capacitive touch keypad, dual USB ports, cradle with swivel arm electrode holder and an included wall mount.

edge™ works with Hanna’s digital smart electrodes.  Almost as advanced as the meter itself, these electrodes  feature  a built-in microchip that stores sensor type, ID, and calibration information that is automatically retrieved by edge™ once the electrode is plugged in. Simply plug in the sensor you want and begin measuring.  Change measurement parameter by changing sensor – it’s that simple.  The electrodes have a 3.5 mm connector so users don’t have to worry about alignment and pins bending or breaking.

edge™ can be purchased as a complete kit, with the sensor of your choice.  Sensors for other measurements can be purchased separately.  Please contact our office for further information on this exciting innovation from Hanna Instruments on www.hannainst.com.au , email sales@hannainst.com.au , tel:  (03) 9769 0666, fax:  (03) 9769 0699

Download the brochure


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