Measuring the pH of Bread Dough


Bread is a staple in the diet of most people. It has been made and enjoyed since ancient times. From the loaf of bread to flat bread to white bread to sour dough, it can be found in every corner of the world. For the bakery that produces processed bread that is purchased in the store, it is important to add preservatives that extend the shelf life of the product. The preservatives are used to inhibit the growth of mould and bacteria. By extending the shelf life, the bakery is able to sell more product and thus increase their profitability. For Hanna Instruments, adding preservatives is important due to the effect that they have in lowering pH. The pH of dough is measured to ensure that the pH is low enough to inhibit the growth. Common preservatives added to dough include benzoic acid, tartaric acid and calcium propionate.

pH of Bread Dough 2There are many ways to measure the pH of dough. A simple way is to make slurry with a portion of dough and deionized water. A way not to do it is to simply stick the meter into the dough. See the picture on the right of a pH electrode plugged up with dough. This creates many problems, including clogging the junction of the electrode and creating a challenge to cleaning the dough from around the glass electrode.


To measure the pH of the dough before baking, Hanna Instruments recommends the HI98161 pH meter that is supplied with the FC2023 pH probe with built-in temperature sensor. The FC2023 has a spear tip electrode for easy penetration into the dough and is completely exposed for easy cleaning. The FC2023 electrode also utilises an open junction design with a viscolene based electrolyte. The open junction design is virtually impossible to clog since any deposits can be easily removed, exposing the reference cell. Lastly, the PVDF body is a food grade plastic that conforms to specifications and requirements for the food processing industry. It has high abrasion resistance, mechanical strength and resistance to ultraviolet and nuclear radiation, as well resistant to fungal growth.


fc2022_600x600The electrode is also available as FC2022 HALO – the world’s first Bluetooth pH electrode – turning your iPhone or Android device into a into a full-featured pH meter.

Read more about the HALO technology…

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Tired of wires? Switch to a wireless pH probe for food analysis!

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